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Research support office


Research Support Office is responsible for all contracts related to research with a wide range of external organisations and for authorizing all research contracts for collaborative research within the University. We are responsible for managing contracts from beginning which includes:

  • Carrying out risk assessments;
  • Due diligence;
  • Advising on terms and conditions;
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts.

In 2016 our team has successfully implemented several contract research, among which Contract Research with World Bank Group and Petrofac.

Development of Policy Options for Mid- and Long-term Emissions Pathways and Role of Carbon Pricing.

The objectives of the project are:

  • a mapping and gaps analysis of existing modeling and policy work for Kazakhstan’s mid- to long-term mitigation objectives;
  • GHG emissions pathways along with adopted policies;
  • an impact analysis of the adopted policies in fulfillment of international commitments;
  • an impact analysis of the ETS on the economy.

Provided support:

  • Within the project there were concluded around 35 contracts with consultants, third parties.
  • Final workshop was organized where working group members presented work results to all interested parties.

Project team: A. Bakdolotov – head of the Project, K. Ayashev, Y. Akhmetbekov , E. Algaliyeva - project coordinator.

Project that investigates the interaction between soil and buried pipeline for oil and gas industry.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Development of a new scientific method for implementation of a full-scale testing programe to measure the interaction between soil and buried pipeline;
  • Design a testing unit based on the Technopark of the University.
  • The outcome of the performed full-scale test will become the basis of the design of a new pipeline network to transport natural sour gas.

Provided support:

  • Within the project execution, RSO was in charge of the whole project’s logistics, from procurement and customs clearance of the equipment to mounting of the testing unit.
  • More than 50 contracts were concluded within the project.

Our Office acquired valuable experience during project implementation, and we hope to continue working on such interesting projects together with our scientists. Being a platform for cooperation between science and business, NURIS helps professors and scientists to fulfill their scientific potential and position NU as a research university.

Project team: Minh Hop Nguyen – Head of the project, Dichuan Zhang, Johg Kim, D. Berdykhanova – project coordinator.

Our office is in close cooperation with different sponsors. The sponsorship provided only for purpose of supporting the research in the following priority areas:

  • Renewable energy: wind energy, solar energy;
  • Research in the field of nuclear fusion and plasma physics;
  • Nano-technology and material science;
  • Multi-disciplinary research on the influence of the energy section on the environment: biological, chemical, ecological.

Within sponsored projects, RSO:

  • Provide advice and support;
  • Manage the risks involved;
  • Coordinate the entire transaction;
  • Negotiate appropriate terms;
  • Set up correct type of agreement.

Our sponsors:


RSO staff implements services to help faculty members succeed in obtaining and maintaining Ministry of Education and Science Grant applications.

  • Technical editing of proposals;
  • Preparing the budget;
  • Concluding contracts with third parties;
  • Negotiating research-related contracts and agreement;
  • Purchasing equipment/consumables;
  • Reporting to MoES.


The implementation of first seed grant projects of NU faculty started in February 2012. These are grants that support research by new faculty, emphasizing the fact that all NU faculties are expected to be researchers as well as teachers.

Number of projects: 93

School of Science and Technology37
School of Engineering27
School of Humanities and Social Sciences26
Graduate School of Education3

Number of completed projects


At the moment our office implements 5 seed grant projects.